Product Overview
RIA Database is the leading provider of financial advisor data and searchable profiles.

RIA Database

250,000+ advisors
34,000+ firms
90,000+ verified emails
100+ searchable fields


550,000+ advisors
5,500 firms
350,000 verified emails
25 searchable fields


25,000+ key contacts
8,200+ firms
12,000+ emails
15 searchable fields

Family Office

1,700+ family offices
1,600+ foundations
3,600+ emails
15 searchable fields

Sample fields include:
First name, Last name, Title
Firm name
Phone number, Fax number
Email address
Full address
Assets under management
Discretionary assets under management
Number of accounts / Number of clients
Products used: ETFs, Alternatives, Mutual Funds, SMA, Real Estate, and more
Number of financial planning clients
Business affiliations
Broker / Dealer activity and/or affiliations
Type of advisory business
Compensation structure

Our sophisticated data collection methods allow us to maintain accurate data on every financial advisor in the United States. We utilize more than 100 data sources and a team of 35 experienced data analysts.

Search, profile and analyze:

Users may search easily and quickly for firms or advisors based on several relevant search fields. Search fields include basic contact information, email addresses, assets under management, the types of clients they serve, the products they use, their compensation methods, and the overall services they provide to their clients. Users can view, sort and print profiles, analyze territories or map and get directions to their offices.

RIA Database = 75+ searchable fields
Registered Rep / Broker / Dealer Database = 25+ searchable fields
Bank / Trust Database = 15+ searchable fields
Family / Office = 15+ searchable fields

Download capabilities:

Users have unlimited download capabilities from each database into Microsoft Excel. From Excel, users can upload this information to their own sales tracking or contact management system. We also offer custom download functionality at no additional cost.

Upload capabilities:
Our service team supports users by creating custom lists and by matching client lists with the database to attain more detailed, useful fields for client marketing campaigns. Users also have access to a self-service File Matching too to complete these matches independently and on-demand.

CRM integration:
Users can quickly download all of our data in any file format to easily integrate into any CRM system. We also provide an easy to use data wizard that allows our users to upload and sync directly with all versions of

Frequently asked questions:

1. How do we compare with our competitors?
RIA Database is the leading provider of financial advisor profiles and searchable data. We have a focused and experienced team dedicated on helping our clients gather assets through the advisor channel.
2. How often is the data updated?
Every day.
3. Is the system customizable?
Yes, we created and own our software. We can customize fields, searches and data by user by request. We add relevant, searchable fields every month.
4. Will you help me compare my list of contacts to your data?
Yes, our customer service team will match your contact lists with the database, as well as assist you with any pre- and post- conference attendee lists.
5. Do I have to learn a new system or new software?
No. All of our databases are Web-based. Users can access our system in any browser and on any operating system including iPads and other mobile devices.
6. How much does it cost?
7. Can I change my state preferences within my subscription period?
8. Can I pay with my credit card?
Yes, we accept all major forms of payment.
9. Can I demo the site now?
Yes, see the “Demo”. If you would like more information about our services, you can call us at 704.540.2657 or email us at sales @
10. Do I have to be pre-approved to get access to the site?
Yes. We have a standard User Agreement. Please call us for more information.
Product Overview