RIA Database provides sophisticated profiles, analytics, reporting and digital marketing software and services for investment professionals. Our clients include asset managers, advisors, family offices, hedge funds, bankers, recruiters and other industry service providers. More than 500 organizations rely on RIA Database data and marketing solutions to help them raise assets and operate more efficiently.

Database Subscriptions



200,000+ advisors

35,000+ firms

90,000+ emails

100+ searchable fields

Registered Rep Database

600,000+ advisors

6,000+ firms

350,000+ emails

25+ searchable fields

Bank / Trust Database

20,000+ key contacts

8,000+ firms

11,000+ emails

15+ searchable fields

Family Office Database

1,700+ family offices

1,600+ foundations

3,600+ emails

15+ searchable fields

Segment the Advisor Marketplace

Target the right financial advisors using our proprietary, searchable software. Easily identify:

  • Fee-only wealth managers
  • Hybrid advisors
  • Advisors using specific products like funds, sma’s, alternatives or ETFs
  • Asset managers, hedge funds or private funds
  • Offshore opportunities
  • 13F holders by ticker, sector or ETF provider

Create your own limitless segments using over 100 searchable fields and a text based indexing system.

Data Collection

Our sophisticated data collection methods allow us to maintain current and accurate data on every financial advisor in the United States. Our data is original data, gathered by our own team. We combine over 10 years of original research with sophisticated scripts that track, append, clean, enhance and update our databases weekly. We add new fields monthly, based on client feedback and newly available data. Our text based search allows users to create their own searches based on their unique terms.

Sample fields include:

  • Advisor name
  • Titles and designations
  • Firm name and location
  • Website(s)
  • Advisor email addresses
  • Advisor age, licenses and affiliated firms
  • Custodians and clearing firms
  • Assets under management
  • Average account size
  • Discretionary assets
  • ETF assets in total and by ticker
  • Type of business (wealth manager, asset manager,
    family office, broker/dealer, bank, insurance agent, etc.)
  • Investment allocation (funds, ETFs, equities, and more)

Download Capabilities

Users have unlimited download capabilities from each database into Microsoft Excel (CSV, XLSX, ZIP formats). From Excel, users can upload this information to their own sales tracking or contact management system. We also offer a custom Salesforce.com wizard.

Data Matching

Our service team supports users by creating custom lists and by matching client lists with the database to attain more detailed, useful fields for client marketing campaigns. Users also have access to a self-service File Matching tool to complete these matches independently and on-demand.


Users can easily assess market share, market risk, demographic trends, growth and opportunities across the advisor marketplace. Our Analyze Tool and Investor Dashboards enable clients to visualize wallet share and easily target unexploited opportunities based on their unique offerings.

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