About Us

RIA Database is an independently owned and operated business founded in 2005. We are the market leader in advisor data. Dedicated to building long-term, win-win partnerships with our clients, we work with some of the largest and well known asset managers, broker/dealers, investment banks, hedge funds and fintech firms in the industry.

  • 2005
    • RIA Database® founded
  • 2007
    • Bank/Trust Database launched
  • 2009
    • Family Office Database launched
  • 2015
    • RIA Channel® surpassed 100 live, digital events per year
  • 2019
    • Private Markets Playbook LMS launched
  • 2006
    • RIA Database® launched
  • 2008
    • Registered Rep / Broker/Dealer Database launched
  • 2010
    • RIA Channel® launched
  • 2016
    • RIA Channel® launched the first LMS (Learning Management System) for the industry
  • 2020
    • RIA Channel® surpassed 200 live, digital events per year

Our Team

Julie Cooling

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Philadelphia, PA

Stephanie Sullivan

Chief Operating Officer

Charlotte, NC

Natalie Holding

Director of Marketing

Charlotte, NC

Keith Black, Ph.D., CAIA, CFA, FDP

Managing Director of Education

Nashville, TN

Chris Rosenberry

Creative Director

Indianapolis, IN

Brittany Beggs

Senior Data Analyst 

Charlotte, NC

Sarah Martin

Marketing Manager

Charlotte, NC

Jack Pitton

Marketing Associate

Charlotte, NC

Thomas Minnick, CFA

Data Scientist

Richmond, VA

Leah Nester

Administrative Manager

Philadelphia, PA

Ambaji Konadkar

Systems Administrator

Goa, India

Ashley Pereira

Project Manager, Developer

Goa, India

Budhesh Naik


Goa, India

Princy Salgaonkar


Goa, India

Amit Naik


Goa, India

Shekhar Devdhar


Goa, India


RIA Database is a proud contributor to Forbes. We have been producing Top Advisor Rankings for almost 20 years.
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