Data Feeds

Access data sets via API, SFTP, or otherwise on a weekly or monthly basis.


Subscribe to unlimited access to our four searchable databases. Save searches, lists, notes, and download data as much as you need to throughout the subscription period. Access hundreds of fields for marketing and sales targeting.

CRM Integration

Schedule data feeds into Salesforce or Hubspot via our open API data integration tools.

IP Matching

Track advisor lead data via our sophisticated IP matching tools.

CRD Matching

Append CRD unique identifiers for all IARs and RIAs at the contact and firm level or send it to our service team for same day turnaround.

Intent Data

Access proprietary insights and research on advisors and the advisor marketplace on investment usage, interest, intentions and centers of influence.

Data Dashboards

Utilize our unique sales enablement platform for lead generation, lead scoring and sales empowerment.


Empower your sales strategies with our proprietary insights, data and analytic tools.

Surveys & Research

Tap into our engaged advisor audiences for your own investment surveys and research.

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